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Financial Learning and Some Rules

This is surely just a ramble. I did not even know whether to call it learning, rules, diktats, …or just a ramble by an old investor, but hey here it is….

  • Make mistakes – write down what went wrong, make quick small mistakes, laugh at them, make it when you are young, and most importantly learn from them.
  • Write down the learning – from investing, losing, friends, reading,….and keep a nice notebook for the same.
  • Understand conflict of interest – broker, blogger, adviser, …their agenda and your agenda may not match
  • Choose your area of work, and enjoy the same – the pleasure gives you the energy required to succeed
  • Be Intellectually competitive by choosing an amazing array of friends
  • Choose complete idiots, very sharp people, chess players, equity analysts, salesmen, lawyers, entrepreneurs (failed or successful) as friends and see your thinking improve
  • Get friendly with people who criticize you
  • A person who claims to be my friend bad mouths me, and now I am enjoying it !!
  • Make brave decision based on 80% information and 20% gut
  • Review decisions based on information
  • Never argue with the truth, it does not work
  • Teach your kids investment reviews and use their services – so that they learn and you improve
  • Your kids are great at killing your ego, encourage them to do so, nobody else does it so well
  • When an idiot is criticizing you, concentrate on the criticism, you KNOW he is an idiot, don’t judge him every day
  • Trust your intuition. Verify performance.
  • Make tentative investments, but on confirmation buy real big
  • Don’t waste time investing 1% of your liquid net worth, does not help, it should be at least 5%

When you trade size of the trade should be worth your time..



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Investment Advisory

Equity for Retirement?


Even when stocks are doing well—and they’ve been on an incredible run the past five years with fantastic annualized gains. There is always a fear that the market could come down in a hurry – like a pack of cards – and that is scary is it not? Did that not happen in 2007 or should I say 2008 and 2009? What if the market falls 50% – or even worse your portfolio falls 60%.

Are we ever really for such a fall in our portfolios? Are we really ready for death? We always feel ‘he could have lived more’ do we not?

So it’s understandable, especially now, that all of us have doubts abound about the longevity of this bull market.

Do you have the famous question: Should I just skip shares altogether when investing for retirement?

Fair enough.

But if  you’re inclined to give shares a miss or even that you are considering such an option, you should be aware of the risk of NOT investing in shares. Yes, there are huge huge disadvantages. 

Despite their gut-wrenching volatility—or, more perhaps because of it—shares tend to generate higher returns than other financial assets like bank fixed deposits, rbi bonds, real estate, gold, by a wide margin over the long term. That superior performance isn’t surely NOT guaranteed, but it’s been pretty persistent over the last 100 years or longer. So we will have to go by past performance, and accept that the next 20-30-40 years.

Those higher long-term gains give you a huge advantage when it comes to saving rather investing for retirement. For a given amount of savings, you are likely to end up with a  larger nest egg by investing in good quality shares than you had avoided them. Another way to look at it is that by investing in shares you can build a much larger nest egg – even when you contribute lesser than the amount that you were willing to contribute to the investment!



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Composition scheme biz need not file purchase details while filing GST quarterly returns


Businesses opting for composition scheme under GST need not file details of purchases made from their vendors at the time of filing quarterly return GSTR-4, the Finance Ministry said Wednesday.

In a clarification, the ministry said there have been doubts regarding the manner of filing the quarterly return by composition dealers in Form GSTR-4 in the absence of auto-population of the details of inward supplies received from registered suppliers.

“In this regard, it is to clarify that the taxpayers who have opted to pay tax under the composition levy shall not furnish the data in serial number 4A of Table 4 of Form GSTR-4,” the ministry said in a statement.

Serial number 4A of Table 4 of Form GSTR-4 gives details of purchases made from GST registered vendors.

Over 18 lakh businesses opted for composition scheme, which allows them to pay taxes at a concessional rate and makes compliance easy under the Goods and Services.Tax (GST) regime which was rolled out on July 1, 2017. Businesses with annual turnover of up to Rs 1 crore can opt for the scheme.

The last date for filing GST returns for the July-September quarter for such dealers is October 18.

SOURCE- Economic Times.

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Women and Financial Independence

This is based on the lives of 4 women I know personally who have been cheated by their husbands. I am not getting too much into the details, but all the 4 stories have had a pattern….

H and W get married…live well. Then the H turns and says “listen why do you not look after the family and be a housewife”. In some cases the wife said “I will stay at home” or the husband says “stay at home”.

So the 28 year old woman gives up her job and becomes a housewife. Great.

Then one fine day the wife finds out about the “other woman”. In one case it was after the “other woman” was pregnant.

Wrong? Right?

None of my business. I am not passing a value judgement. Just saying that the spouse who wants to separate plans in advance and changes all the assets to single name. The other spouse will not know about this. I have seen women changing (when they wanted to leave their husbands for a different guy), and have seen men doing it too.

So how do women keep their independence in place if they give up their careers for looking after the family?

Well. I do not know. I would suggest the following:

The wife should take a salary from the H to look after her house/ their house whatever you want to call it.

What should she do other than this? Make sure that she is a joint holder of the property in which they live or a house of equivalent value in a location where she would like to live.

She should make sure that her husband’s life insurance policies are in her control and she sees her name as a nominee. No compromise on that. She should also ensure that SHE has enough cash flow to pay the premium on HIS LIFE. Her life insurance does not matter – she would be dead for it to be claimed.

She should have some investments at least which are in her name – the H could be the nominee. Make sure that there is at least one bank account where the W is the single holder.

If the parents of the W are dependent on her then there should be some life insurance in which her parents are the nominee.

What about the kids? Well it is the parents responsibility.

I know of fathers who have said “I do not have money” for their kids education. Our maid pays for the children’s education. I have no clue why he does not contribute, but I hear from her that he does not and she has to bear the costs herself.

Think about your financial independence and the financial fidelity of your husband before you chuck the job….

SOURCE- Subramoney


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If You Want Better Tomorrow, Start It Today….


SIP ( Systematic Investment Plan) is one of the greatest tool to create wealth in long term.

You have to start saving today.

Develop a regular savings habit. Avoid all unnecessary wastage’s of money. Savings is necessary if you want to build up your portfolio and achieve your financial goals. There’s no other way around it.

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To Build Wealth Using MUTUAL FUNDS

MUTUAL FUNDS sahi hai !

Mutual fund Investments Are Subject To Market Risks, Read All Schemes Related Documents Carefully

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Today, both men and women need to plan for retirement. With rising inflation, goods and services have become really costly. If you struggle with bills today, how will you pay the bills after retirement, when you don’t have a job? So why do women need retirement planning? Women in India have a higher life expectancy than men. Married women are also generally 3-4 years younger than spouse.

There are chances, women can outlive their husbands by a decade. While men plan for their retirement, chances are they might have forgotten to keep sufficient money aside, if their spouse outlives them.

So women, this International Women’s Day, there is something important to do.

Good retirement planning. Want to know more on retirement planning? We at Vision Money Mantra will make it easy for you


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