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Documents of Shop Act Registration


The First step to start / register any business ( in our case, business’s based on agriculture, renewable energy etc ) is to get the “Shop Act” license, its also called as Shops and Establishments Registration permission. In this post, we will describe the documents required and procedure followed to get the license for Maharashtra.

Before, we start you must make sure you have following documents,

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Photo Identity ( Minimum one ) ओळखीचा पुरावा, किमान –1 )


  1. PAN card
  2. Passport
  3. Aaadhar Card
  4. Driving License
  5. Election/ Voters ID

Address Proof of the place where you want to start the business ( पत्त्याचा पुरावा, किमान –1)


  1. Rent Receipt
  2. Electricity Bill
  3. Sale / Purchase Deed
  4. Property Tax Paid Receipt
  5. Notarized Leave and License
  6. Society Maintenance Receipt

Compulsory other documents ( अनिवार्य कागदपत्रे, सर्व अनिवार्य)


  1. Annexure A Self Declaration
  2. Annexure B Self Declaration For Self Attestation
  3. Actual photo of the establishment in which the signboard (name) of the establishment duly displayed, appears

Above are the minimum documents, you will need to register for shop act license.

Depending on the type of your business, you may also require some of the following documents,

Other document ( minimum 1 ) ( इतर दस्तऐवज, किमान –1)

1) Copy of the licence, registration which is mandatory under any other law from any authority before starting of the business

Business Identification documents ( minimum 1 ) ( ओळख पडताळणी दस्तऐवज, किमान –1)


  1. ROC
  2. MOA (Registration Certificate)
  3. List of the Trustees/Member of Trust
  4. Registered Address and proof thereof
  5. Resolution of society regarding starting of business
  6. List of the Chairman and Member of co-operative society
  7. List of Directors and Nomination of Directors (Resolution)
  8. Copy of Registration Certificate given by Charity Commissioner
  9. Certificate of Incorporation, Commencement Certificate under the company act
  10. Partnership Deed (Upload Deed pages which have name of partners, signature of partners,Business / Company Name, percentage of partnership )

Type of Business documents( minimum 1 ) ( व्यवसाय स्वरूप पडताळणी, किमान –1)


  1. RBI Permission Copy
  2. RTO Transport Permit
  3. Copy of Collector Permision
  4. License From Agriculture Department
  5. Food Licence from concern authority
  6. The Food and Drugs Administration License
  7. NOC from Police Department for Cyber cafe
  8. IEC certificate for Import-Export business
  9. Certificate issued by SEBI for share broker
  10. Licence from Police Department for Security Services
  11. NOC by Municipal corporation for floor mill / masala mill
  12. Copy of Excise license for wine shop/Beer Bar/ Bar and Restaurant
  13. NOC from Municipal Commissioner,Fire Brigade, Collector and Police Department


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