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Aadhaar OTP Based DSC






Aadhaar OTP DSC based on RA mobile application we release is made very simple for you.

1. in your office or at your home or travel longer … a car, bus or train … means you can live anywhere.
2. Your customers can stay anywhere … only a base number and the mobile phone will be enough for them.
3. You or your customers do not even need the fingerprint devices.
4. As agent of the customer, the customer base and the number OTP can tell you in a few minutes and you can complete the application.
5. Emudraa client sends a link to the video, which the customer can complete in minutes from a computer or mobile. After recording the video, you can approve the application.

images (15)5

Thus you using OTP, anywhere and anytime, without the client’s presence and without fingerprint device can release Emudraa DSC.

Thus it is possible for you to open a wide market with an increase in earnings. Why are you waiting for? Go ahead and use it to your advantage and take time to get rid of the paper-based process.


Rahul Merwade



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