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Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Aadhaar OTP Based DSC






Aadhaar OTP DSC based on RA mobile application we release is made very simple for you.

1. in your office or at your home or travel longer … a car, bus or train … means you can live anywhere.
2. Your customers can stay anywhere … only a base number and the mobile phone will be enough for them.
3. You or your customers do not even need the fingerprint devices.
4. As agent of the customer, the customer base and the number OTP can tell you in a few minutes and you can complete the application.
5. Emudraa client sends a link to the video, which the customer can complete in minutes from a computer or mobile. After recording the video, you can approve the application.

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Thus you using OTP, anywhere and anytime, without the client’s presence and without fingerprint device can release Emudraa DSC.

Thus it is possible for you to open a wide market with an increase in earnings. Why are you waiting for? Go ahead and use it to your advantage and take time to get rid of the paper-based process.


Rahul Merwade



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Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

More Information About Digital Signature Certificate

ATTESTATION PROCEDURE for Digital Signature Certificate:

  • (a) Attestation of supporting documents by RA will not be allowed.
  • (b) The documents are to be attested only by Group A/B Gazetted Officers / Bank Manager / Post Master.
  • (c) The Attesting Officers should also specify their Name, designation, office address and contact number.
  • (d) The list of Gazetted Officers are also listed in CCA Guidelines.
  • (e) The signature of applicant has to be in Blue-ink only.

Digital Singature certificatge

  • (f) We have Offering Paperless Digital Signature Certificates by Aadhar Based.

What is Aadhar Based Paperless DSC & Who can Obtain this :

Aadhaar based Digital Signature can be issued by ONLY by capturing Fingerprint of applicant & by entering Aadhaar Card Number of Applicant.

This DSC can be obtained by any person who is having valid Aadhaar Card Number. This DSC can be used for ITR e-Filing, ROC/MCA e-Filing, VAT , Service Tax, Form 16/16A Signing.


Benefits of Aadhaar Based Paperless Digital Signature Issuance :

Comparison with normal process of Individual DSC:


Activity Normal Process ( Paper Based ) Aadhaar eKYC ( Paperless )
Physical Application Form Required Not Required
ID/Address Proof / Photo Required Not Required
Attestation by GO/BM/PM Required Not Required
Signature in Blue Ink Required Not Required
RA/RAA Signature on form Required Not Required
Mobile Verification Required, from 31-July-2015 Not Required
Video Verification Required, from 31-July-2015 Not Required
Challenge Code for Download Receive only through SMS Define your own
Issuance time Average 1-2 days Average 15 Minutes

How Practicing CA / CS / Advocate / ICWA / Tax Consultants / TINFC / TRPs & Other Similar Professionals can Benefit of this Concept:

w.e.f 01-07-2015, guidelines has been changed to obtain DSC. Like Attestation can be done only by Bank Manager or Gazette Officer OR Postmaster, Signature of Applicant must be in Blue INK, Phone Number must be unique, Phone verification, Self Attested ID Proof is required of Attesting Officer before issuance of DSC and many more.

To Overcome these problems and hassle free DSC Issuance, Aadhaar Based Paperless DSC is easiest way to issue DSC.


  1. Be Associate with us. We will provide you a Authorized Associates Panel to Issue Paperless DSC.
  2. Capture Fingerprint of Applicant in Biometric Device provided by us and enter Aadhaar Number in provided Associate  Login and Choose Certificate Details.
  3. Submit the Chosen Details to issue DSC. Request will go to e-Mudhra Ltd and after review , e-Mudhra will Issue DSC.
  4. Download the DSC and Handover to Client.


How to become RAA with us & Our Price List Details. ( To become RAA , Minimum 10 Qty is Must)

  1. Send your following details to us :
  • Organization Name / Contact Name:
  • Address & Place :
  • e-Mail ID :
  • Mobile No. :
  • PAN No. :
  1. We will send your Digitally Signed Agreement with your details.
  2. You need to Digitally Sign the Agreement with Class 2 Digital Signature and send the same to us  by mail.
  3. We will create your RAA Login & transfer your Qty of DSC in your RAA Login and will Courier the USB Tokens to you.

Click here to See Our Price List & Bank Details.

  1. Cost for Biometric Fingerprint Machine will be Approx. 4000/- Including Courier Charges.

6 . Biometric Machine is not required to issue Non-Aadhar Based Digital Signature.

  1. You can issue Paper based as well as Paperless Digital Signatures from same RAA Login.




  1. How to issue Digital Signature for Applicant who are not having Aadhaar Card Number.

Reply : In that case, applicant need to fill application form and must attach Attested ID proof & Address.

  1. Can we issue Paper Based Digital Signature from same login.

Reply : Yes, You can issue.

  1. How you will send USB Tokens & Biometric Machines ?

Reply : We will Courier the USB Tokens & Biometric Machines to you.

  1. Is it mandatory to take USB Tokens ? Reply : NO, You can only buy DSC if you have Tokens with you already.
  2. Is it mandatory to Buy Machine from us ? Reply : NO, You can buy approved Machines from anywhere.
  3. Can a Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary be a RAA ? Reply : YES , He Can be.           images (2)
    • In place of physical verification, now CA / RA will make a video recording of the applicant for a specified time duration.
    • Before providing final Approval, Certifying Agency will verify the applicant through a video recording.
    • Applicant will have to answer a specific set of questions to establish his identity
    • This recording will happen directly in CA System, in a tamper proof way. That means, if RA is recording the video, the recording has to be made in CA provided software / portal, and will be directly recorded to CA System
    • Old videos or the videos sent over email or downloaded from web, etc will not be allowed.        Video-process-emudhra


    Mobile Verification for all Classes of Certificate

    Mobile Verification for all Classes of Digital Signature Certificate

    Before Approval of DSC, Certifying Agency will make a telephonic verification with applicant, through the mobile number provided in application.The mobile number should also be unique in each application, as is currently in the case of email ID.                                                                                                stock-vector-digital-signature-smart-cell-phone-businessman-hands-sign-up-flat-vector-illustration-284955269

  5. Aadhaar EKYC Process for DSCAadhaar EKYC Process for DSCAadhaar EKYC is a paperless process for Digital Signature Issuance where in identity and address of the subscriber are verified through aadhar authentication. This a convenient mode of obtaining Digital Signature (DSC) as there is no need to submit the Hard copies of Form and documents and no need to attestation of any documents. Further Mobile Verification, Video Recording (For Class 3 DSC) is NOT REQUIRED under EKYC Mode

    Biometric Device – Finger Print Scanner will be required for Authenication using EKYC Mode

    Comparison of process for Individual Digital Certificate
    Normal Process Aadhaar eKYC
    Attestation on ID & Address proof Required Not Required
    Mobile Verification Required Not Required
    Email Verification Required Not Required
    Video Verification Required for Class 3 Not Required


    Advantage of Aadhaar eKYC
    According to Identity Verification Guidelines of CCA, the normal KYC process requires paper documents to be submitted, which should contain the attestation by Gazetted Officer / Bank Manager / Post Master. Subsequently CA should also carry out Mobile verification, Email Verification and Video Verification (in case of class 3) of the subscriber, as per details provided in application form.
    Using Aadhaar eKYC, the hassles and the delays of attestations and other verification is brought to minimum. Thereby ensuring faster processing and issuance of Digital Certificate.

    What ‘Certificate Class’ should I select?

    Digital Signature certificate in India – Emudhra

    Selection of Digital Signature certificate class depends completely on your usage and security requirements. A rough guideline is provided below on the applicability of various levels of certification:

    Class 2 Gold – if you need to use the certificate for signing documents, encryption and electronic access control in transactions where proof of identity based on information in the Validating Database is sufficient class.

    Class 3 Platinum –  for transactions that require a high degree of security and privacy due to exchange of extremely sensitive information that requires unequivocal authentication of the subscriber’s identity. Some of the common transactions requiring Class 3 certificates are e-commerce, electronic data interchange by banks, etc.

    Using digital signatures only with trusted applications


    One of the main differences between a digital signature and a written signature is that the user does not “see” what he signs. The user application presents a hash code to be signed by the digital signing algorithm using the private key. An attacker who gains control of the user’s PC can possibly replace the user application with a foreign substitute, in effect replacing the user’s own communications with those of the attacker. This could allow a malicious application to trick a user into signing any document by displaying the user’s original on-screen, but presenting the attacker’s own documents to                                                                       download1
    the signing application.

    To protect against this scenario, an authentication system can be set up between the user’s application (word processor, email client, etc.) and the signing application. The general idea is to provide some means for both the user application and signing application to verify each other’s integrity. For example, the signing application may require all requests to come from digitally signed binaries.

    Authentication of Digital signatures


    Although messages may often include information about the entity sending a message,that information may not be accurate. Digital signatures can be used to authenticate the source of messages. When ownership of a digital signature secret key is bound to a specific user, a valid signature shows that the message was sent by that user. The importance of high confidence in sender authenticity is especially obvious in a financial context. For example, suppose a bank’s branch office sends instructions to the central office requesting a change in the balance of an account. If the central office is not convinced that such a message is truly sent from an authorized source, acting on such a request could be a grave mistake.                               3-Feb

    How Digital Signature Certificate works?

    digital signature is basically a way to ensure that an electronic document (e-mail, spreadsheet, text file, etc.) is authentic. Authentic means that you know who created the document and you know that it has not been altered in any way since that person created it.

    Digital signatures rely on certain types of encryption to ensure authentication. Encryption is the process of taking all the data that one computer is sending to another and encoding it into a form that only the other computer will be able to decode. Authentication is the process of verifying that information is coming from a trusted source. These two processes work hand in hand for digital signatures                                           ss_digitalsignature_2014_v01_desktop

    CLASS 2- PAN encrypted DSC for MCA21/ ROC / Income Tax return filing, E-fillings, etc.

    CLASS 2 – Emudhra PAN encrypted DSC for MCA21/ ROC / Income Tax return filing, E-fillings, etc.

    CLASS 2 : Price for New / Renewal : ` 1,250/- all inclusive for DSC (2yr) with e-token (w.e.f 01/04/2014) [PAN based DSC (DSC’s with encrypted value of PAN)]

    CLASS 2 : Price for New / Renewal : ` 1,100/- all inclusive for DSC (1yr) with e-token (w.e.f 01/04/2014) [PAN based DSC (DSC’s with encrypted value of PAN)]

    download (1)e-Mudhra Digital Certificate India, Renew your Digital Siganture, DSC Renewal Service, Get your DSC Renewed, Digital Certificate Providers Kolkata / West Bengal, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Bhopal, Patna, Guwahati, Ranchi, & all Major Cities in India. Digital Certificate Solution.

    We process DSC applications for our clients all over India – in Mumbai / Bombay (Maharashtra), Kolkata / Calcutta (West Bengal), Indore (Madhya Pradesh), New Delhi, Bangalore, Nagpur, Ludhiana, Cochin, Imphal (Manipur) Jamshedpur, Shillong, Siliguri, Dhanbad, Allahabad, Noida (Uttar Pradesh), Surat, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), Chandigarh / Punjab, Chennai, Ranchi (Jharkhand ), Raipur (Chattisgarh), Pune, Baroda (Gujarat), Bhubneswar (Orissa), Jaipur (Rajasthan), Faridabad (Haryana), Gurgaon, Trivandrum (Kerala), Kanpur, Bhopal, Agartala Agra Ajmer Amritsar, Bhilai, Bhilwara,Itanagar, Mangalore, Meerut, Mysore, Nasik, Pondicherry,

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